Dave Throssell

Dave started creating visual effects at the Moving Picture Company in 1983 where he was head of their new CGI department. After a career spanning Rushes, The Bureau and his own company in New York, he moved to The Mill in 1991 where he was the head of the CGI department winning numerous awards and working on hundreds of commercials. In 2001 Dave then set up the TV department MillTV.

Since 2006 Dave has been MD and creative head at Fluid Pictures which he set up with Adrian Wyer and MJ Azzopardi. Where they specialise in VFX and animation for TV documentaries, dramas and commercials.

Adrian Wyer

Adrian started out in games, slavishly trying to replicate reality in 50 polygons or less. After moving to London, he strove to replicate (and sometimes improve upon) reality for a variety of commercials (using considerably more polygons!)

One fateful night he crossed paths with Dave, and the rest, as they say, is a matter for the courts.

He enjoys, heavy metal, science fiction, and alcohol.

MJ Azzopardi

Started creating VFX for commercials at Rushes in 1989, moving to The Bureau, MPC and finally Freelancing before deciding to start up Fluid Pictures. VFX supervision, 2D Artist, design and people wrangling are just part of her glamorous roles. MJ loves TV more than anything and still can't believe she's managed a career from the thing she loves best (apart from the kids and the cat obviously).

Cameron Gilroy

Cameron was one of Fluid Pictures first employees fresh out of graduating from Teesside University's Computer animation department. Over the years he has worked on a vast range of TV shows, documentaries and online content; working closely and diligently with our clients and to push our capabilities to create stunning animations, graphics and visual effects.

He can usually be found stroking his beard in contemplation or swearing at inanimate computers. Sometimes both at the same time.

Sarah Hale

Sarah studied computer animation at the University of Bradford and then Bournemouth University. She has been working in the animation industry for 9 years as a generalist, concentrating on TV work. She enjoys making graphics about science, engineering and building projects. In her spare time she is either arguing with bus drivers or going to as many live music concerts as possible.

Andi Farhall

Ex teenage rollerdisco skateguard, flunked art school, Imagic, The Bureau, The Mill, a company I won't mention, Fluid pictures. Still trying to make sense of the world one Cartesian coordinate at a time.